Wine Club Memberships

We cordially invite you to join our family. As a small family-owned and operated winery, we offer our wine club members the option to create their shipment. That's right; if you have favorites, we will make sure you get them! We will personally call you before each shipment or send you an email, whatever suits you.  As a member, you will receive two club shipments each year—one in the Spring and one in the Fall. We offer four different levels of membership. 

Choose from the following:

Premier Class

24 Bottles each Shipment / 4 cases a year

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First Class

12 Bottles each Shipment / 2 cases a year

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Business Class

6 Bottles each Shipment / 1 case a year

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Economy Class

4 Bottles each Shipment / 8 bottles a year

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All Wine Club Members receive: