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Fighter Pilot Red

Our signature wine, Fighter Pilot Red, is named in honor of those military aviators who have put themselves in harm's way. Sherm is one of those crazy aviators having flown fighters from the decks of aircraft carriers, service in Vietnam, and continuing a 55+ year career in aviation. The wine is synonymous with his two great passions, aviation, and wine.

"A portion of the Fighter Pilot Red sales aid sons and daughters of wounded and deceased veterans."

See more of Sherm's air racing here:
2009 Gold Race Video
2013 Interview with Sherm
2013 Qualifying
2014 Unlimited Gold Race Cockpit Video



Sherman Smoot

Sherm in front of the Czech Mate

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Sherm with part of his support team, wife Laurie and daughter Carly

Purchase Fighter Pilot Red Wines and Merchandise